Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program Standards

Guiding Principle
   To provide the best, most appropriate opportunity for intervention for every ASP client using best practices and promising approaches.

1.  Provider Qualifications and Screening/Assessment Tools
   ·   All clients will participate in a substance abuse screening or assessment. Programs shall assure that all clients meet this requirement with a qualified treatment professional, defined as a licensed or certified substance abuse counselor or an apprentice working under the supervision of a licensed substance abuse counselor.
   ·   All qualified treatment professionals shall utilize an evidence-based tool for the substance abuse screening or assessment; and document which tool was used.

2.Client Contact
   ·   Programs shall develop practices designed to maximize client contact with program staff and treatment professionals. At a minimum, all clients will have face to face contact with a qualified treatment professional.

3.Collateral Information
   ·   Program staff will provide relevant collateral information to treatment professionals serving YSASP clients (e.g., BAC, criminal, or family history).