New Hampshire Alcohol and Cannabis Programs

Depending on the case, you may be referred directly to the Alcohol Safety Class or Cannabis Education Class. In this case, the Prosecuting Officer will let you know that they are referring you to Diversion. Depending on the Police Department, you willbe responsible for contacting VCDP in a certain number of days, or the Program Coordinator will be contacting you.

Once contact has been made:
  ·   We will schedule you for your intake
  ·   You will be required to pay your fee ($275), and to complete the required screening with one of our licensed counselors
  ·   We will contact the referring Police Department to let them know you are involved in the process
  ·   During the intake, you will be scheduled for the three hour education class
  ·   After you have successfully completed the process above, and any recommendations, you will receive a certificate of completion and your charge will be voided by the court.

   Please contact Amber at (802) 281-5826 with any questions