Volunteers are essential to the success of Court Diversion. They represent the face and voice of the community. Volunteers help participants understand how their actions have affected other people in the community, even in so-called “victimless” crimes.

We strongly encourage High School Juniors and Seniors to volunteer

 Training, provided on an annual basis, prepares our volunteers to follow the philosophies of Restorative Justice which are our guiding principles at Valley Court Diversion Programs.

Volunteers who commit to being a board member will participate actively in the process of a Restorative Justice panel meeting. We ask that our volunteers are available at least once a month for meetings and attend the annual training. Panel members arrive at the designated community site with the program coordinator who then provides the case summary. The panel then hears from the participant and any other impacted parties who wish to be involved. Following the thoughtful and collaborative discussions, the panel and the client work together to craft a reparative contract which repairs the harm, is meaningful, and achievable.

The volunteer opportunities offered by VCDP are unique, as the volunteer is a key player in the Restorative Justice model. Participation by community members allows our clients to repair the harm done to themselves, the community, victims, and family members. We rely on the diverse backgrounds and experiences that each of our volunteers brings to the table, as each individual's life experience only enriches the process for our participants.

If you're ready to volunteer check out the links below OR contact us for more information!
Volunteer Application
Volunteer Guidelines & Guidelines Agreement
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
Volunteer Agreement

Volunteers must agree to provide up to three references with their applications. We offer volunteer trainings that cover a variety of relevant areas at least once a year.